Paper submission is now closed

Thanks for an overwhelming response.

Paper submission is now closed.

Call for Papers Timeline

  • Abstract submissions: 18th January 2019 to 14th April 2019
  • Notification of abstract selection: 30th April 2019 (New date 10th May 2019)
  • (please refer the following URL to check if your abstract has been selected for next round or not. Click here

  • Paper submission for selected abstract: 31st May 2019
  • Presentation submission for selected papers: 31st May (This will be the draft version, you are allowed to make revisions post submission)
  • Synopsis Submission for Skit: 31st May 2019
  • Table of Content for Tutorial / Lab: 31st May 2019
  • Installation Instructions for Lab: 31st May 2019

Paper submission and Presentation process

1 Submission Of Abstract

Participants need to submit the abstract on any of the categories listed on website

2 Review by Jury

Abstract submitted will be further reviewed by the review committee for further selection process

3 Paper and Presentation Submission

Paper and Presentation submission for the shortlisted abstracts

6 Presentation of papers at GTR 2019

Top 3 winners will be shortlisted based on jury committee evaluation

5 Filtering

Filtering of Presentations by Jury for publishing / Presentation at GTR 2019

4 Reviewed

Presentation from the participants will be reviewed by the review committee

Here are some benefits for submitting your paper proposals.

  • All proposal submissions will be showcased on GTR website
  • Your submissions including Skits and performances earn leaderboard points for your organization.
  • Your submissions entitle you for a chance of getting interviewed.
  • Your submission may get published or may get chosen for presentation.
  • All Published papers gets approval to be showcased on ATA blog site. You will be given author rights to get your paper published.
  • If the Papers is selected for presentation, all the speaker photos and profiles will be showcased on the GTR web site.
  • Main/Lead speaker/performer from the papers selected for presentation or Skit or Workshop/lab/Tutorial/Game, gets free entry to conference.
  • Co-speaker(s) or Co-Skit members also get a chance to attend the conference at a nominal cost of only 1000/- per additional co speaker or Co-Performer
  • Speakers and Co-Speaker(s) can also bring their family members at the conference at a very nominal cost only price of 1500/- per adult and 1000 per child.
  • Speakers and Co-Speakers can bring their friends to the conference at only 2500/- per friend.
  • All speakers get conference memorabilia and certificates.
  • Top 3 speakers will be chosen by the Jury.
  • Top 3 get trophies and win most leaderboard award points.
  • There would be separate leaderboard points for the Skits selected for the conference

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