Call for Papers

Call for Papers is Now On

  • Anyone can submit a paper at GTR 2019
  • You can submit the paper as per the suggested paper categories below and the format of the paper

Call for Papers Timeline

  • Abstract Submissions: 18th January 2019 to 31st March 2019
  • Notification of Abstract Selection: 7th April 2019
  • Paper Submission- 30th April 2019
  • Presentation- 31st May (This will be the draft version, you are allowed to make revisions post submission)

Paper Submission Category to choose from

There are 5 categories to choose from.

  • Day 1 Interactive Talk
  • Day 1 Games
  • Day 1 Skits or Performances
  • Day 2 Labs
  • Day 2 Tutorials
  • Day 1 Interactive talk (Duration 30 minutes to 40 minutes) – Can be a case study, demo, innovation idea, best practices with references to categories suggested above or any other topic or area which will be of interest to the testing community
  • Day 1: Games – Where you want to bring out testing attitude or mindset. Duration (30 minutes to 40 Minutes)
  • Day 1 Skits or Performance (Group or Individual) – It should be testing related.
    • 10 minutes
    • 20 minutes
  • Day 2 Hands on Labs (Testing Tool related hands on labs which can be part of Day 2 of the conference)
    • 90-120 Minutes (quarter of a day)
    • 180-240 Minutes (Half Day)
    • 360-420 Minutes (full day)
  • Day 2: Tutorials (Testing related tutorials, which can be part of the day 2 of the conference)
    • 90-120 Minutes (quarter of a day)
    • 180-240 Minutes (Half Day)
    • 360-420 Minutes (full day)

For your chosen category be it Interactive Talk, Games, Labs or Tutorials.
You can choose one of the following Sub Categories or Broad level Areas

  • Testing in the Agile world
  • DevOps and Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Testing in the IoT world
  • Big Data Testing
  • Testing and RPA
  • Blockchain and Testing
  • Testing with AI and AI testing
  • Testing with Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Testing with and for customer experience
  • Test Craftsmanship
  • Test Leadership and Management
  • Others (any other not covered in any of the above areas)

Note that the above topics are not just limited to the ones mentioned above. So go ahead and think outside the box. Remember that this could also be you shot at stand up comedy, singing, dancing or at any other talent you may possess. As the tradition has been be sure to bring in your family and kids. There's something for everyone. After all, what's a retreat without some fun!

Paper submission and Presentation process

1 Submission Of Abstract

Participants need to submit the abstract on any of the categories listed on website

2 Review by Jury

Abstract submitted will be further reviewed by the review committee for further selection process

3 Paper and Presentation Submission

Paper and Presentation submission for the shortlisted abstracts

6 Presentation of papers at GTR 2019

Top 3 winners will be shortlisted based on jury committee evaluation

5 Filtering

Filtering of Presentations by Jury for publishing / Presentation at GTR 2019

4 Reviewed

Presentation from the participants will be reviewed by the review committee

Here are some benefits for submitting your paper proposals.

  • All proposal submissions will be showcased on GTR website
  • Your submissions including Skits and performances earn leaderboard points for your organization.
  • Your submissions entitle you for a chance of getting interviewed.
  • Your submission may get published or may get chosen for presentation.
  • All Published papers gets approval to be showcased on ATA blog site. You will be given author rights to get your paper published.
  • If the Papers is selected for presentation, all the speaker photos and profiles will be showcased on the GTR web site.
  • Main/Lead speaker/performer from the papers selected for presentation or Skit or Workshop/lab/Tutorial/Game, gets free entry to conference.
  • Co-speaker(s) or Co-Skit members also get a chance to attend the conference at a nominal cost of only 1000/- per additional co speaker or Co-Performer
  • Speakers and Co-Speaker(s) can also bring their family members at the conference at a very nominal cost only price of 1500/- per adult and 1000 per child.
  • Speakers and Co-Speakers can bring their friends to the conference at only 2500/- per friend.
  • All speakers get conference memorabilia and certificates.
  • Top 3 speakers will be chosen by the Jury.
  • Top 3 get trophies and win most leaderboard award points.
  • There would be separate leaderboard points for the Skits selected for the conference

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