Nitin Jain


Nitin Jain

Nitin brings 15 years of experience in Software Testing, SDLC and Process Improvement in testing areas.

He started his career in the exciting field of Test Automation in Mumbai where he got opportunities to learn and grow in the field of QA in different domains.

Later working closely with the customer site builds his ability in translating business needs into technology requirements.

He utilized a outcome-based approach while meeting client requirements, thereby adding value to the business consistently. Capable of delivering quality products and applications for small/ large-scale projects in banking, insurance, government, energy, and industrial automation domains.

Topic: Increase Testing Revenue with right step

Abstract: Understand CUSTOMER Pain:

“As a customer, I don’t know if I am doing the repetitive task over and over without knowing the tools are available to make the work more productive.”

“As a customer, I think the current test management tools used is outdated. Do I have to still feed or execute the test cases manually in test management tools?”

“As a business user, I don’t have time to perform the regression test during UAT; but it is easily achievable by using the test automation”

“As a business user, the test data are readily available before I start the test”.

“As a business user, I am aware that my system will not undergo any change in recent time but it should be highlighted that the world around me is changing which can impact the system”.

“As a customer, I would like to know about the evolution in testing and a simple method to consume the service”.

Testing Service Catalogue objectives and value to CUSTOMER:
As a customer, I would like the ability to find, request and receive tools and services easily and in a timely fashion so that I may perform my job more efficiently. The key objective for Testing Services catalogue is to transition from current resource based T&M model to an Outcome Based - Request for Service Model. CUSTOMER will request testing services across testing service categories that should support all Line of Business (LOB), Domain and Technology platforms. In our experience on the number of similar engagements; outcome based approach helped our clients achieve:
● Transform organisation culture away from FTE based to outcome based model,
● Engagement model standardisation between Business & IT significantly reducing lead times associated with testing request to estimation approvals.
● Service standardisation to achieve common understanding and measure of success.
● Complete predictability of service cost and service quality standards.
● Continuous optimisation of services and committed reduction in service price over time.
● Risk shifted to the service provider thereby driving right behaviours as the focus shifts to value based and optimization of services.

Outcome based engagement model enabled by PROVIDER’s Testing Service Catalogue will provide CUSTOMER with complete flexibility to request testing services on the need basis. PROVIDER will leverage its global as well as our CUSTOMER specific test delivery experience to provide CUSTOMER with the Service Catalogue that is “Fit for Purpose” to service diverse LOB and technology platform requirements.

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