Mayur Chitnis


Mayur Chitnis

Hard core software QA at heart. Over 15 plus years of experience in the software industry. Initially started my career as software developer, later moved to software testing. Currently working as a Software Test Specialist at Amdocs development center, Pune. For the last 8 years , I have been working as an API test engineer for developing products in the Payment industry. 
Enjoy being an innovation enthusiast. Won several innovation contests at organisational level. Always ready to bring new ideas and innovation in day to day work. 
I am responsible for driving all QA activities and implementing QA best practices at my project level. Have delivered sessions on Micro services testing at my organization level. 
I strongly believe that learning is a continuous process. Always ready to learn new things and contribute from my side in the area of Micro services , cloud computing, devops, agile development. 

Title:Test Craftmanship: Crafting Continuously Evolving Test Strategy for Testing Micro Services


Micro Service architecture offers you the advantages of breaking your business logic into multiple services. With micro services architecture, business can aim faster product development with the help of multiple parallel dev teams. On the other hand, shifting to ever evolving micro service architecture means you need to adopt new development and test strategies. You test strategy plays very important role in quality as well as the time to market of software.

What is importance of test craftmanship for testing Micro Services?

Test Craftmanship for QA, testing Micro Services is like being caddy for golfer.

In Micro Service world, QA’s main job comprises, is to prevent defects instead find them in higher environment than dev environments. Test case design plays vital role in this case. After test case design, which test case will come in which test layer (Unit, Micro Service, Contract etc.) comes as part of your test strategy. Foundation of your test

strategy is our mocking strategy. Mocks are of type: stubs, mocks, virtual services. Which will be used where is another important aspect.

Test Design, Test strategy, Mocking Strategy are all inter linked. They are together in the journey of product development. And their driver for this journey is test craftmanship.

Smart Test Case Design

Intelligent and Smart test case design of Micro Services testing involves very detailed and discipline effort. While designing test case, we need to decide the type of test it will be.

Test strategy

After test case design, test strategy comes into picture. Quality of our testing lie on the strategy that we have adopted.

Mocking Strategy

Mocking Strategy decides time to market of software. Efficient mocking strategy avoids duplicate effort in testing same test case again and again. Selecting type of Mock, preparing test data for it, using it for test (such as unit / component / integration etc) and who will be responsible for it, are all very important aspects.

Test case design, test strategy and mocking strategy exhibit the quality of software product. And defines how software development can be maintained in future.

Every software has something unique in its testing style. Also, every QA has his/her own unique way of testing. Ultimately, testing is an art. To attain the certain level of test craftmanship, an individual should work for considerable time on given product test development. Also, his/her contribution should be towards improving quality and time to market of software.

Test solution architect can help his/her team gaining test craftmanship at individual level. Test solution architects are those who are not just technology focused but they are responsible for building QA processes. Test solution architect is our CAPATAIN of the test craftman-SHIP.

Test Craftmanship in testing Micro Services is ever evolving process and it should be evaluated time to time