Mahesh M


Mahesh M

Mahesh have never run away from challenges and have always embraced challenges with open arms, since he believe challenges are what can shape a person and provide the opportunities to grow. His journey spanning many years has taken me across various companies like Accenture, Sony, Ellucian providing me an opportunity to learn, contribute and grow.

He have played various Leadership roles on many large-scale engagements across various companies. He have been involved in leading various testing operations and engagements.

Have Managed Challenging and Critical engagements which demanded building, managing, and nurturing high performance, result-oriented teams to support delivery and contribute towards the success of the organization.

He have always enjoyed various opportunities, challenges, success, failures that were thrown at me in my career and have received them equally. Each of them has taught him one or the other lesson and made him only stronger.

Topic: Shift Testing Left-Right-Left

Abstract: Shift Testing Left-Right-Left

While shift left in testing is important, its equally becoming important to shift right in testing.
How we could gather data out of production monitoring tools like data dog, appdyanmics and
Turn into meaningful consumption for automation testing, Performance testing, Functional testing,
Integration testing, end to end testing and others. The production data provides delta of what we are testing and what is being tested in production by real user. This will help testing teams to be more effective. Having access to production data is boon these days.

I am tester and I can build my own test infrastructure & environments

We have seen a lot of times testing team complaining that they have been waiting on days and months to get test environment, and this becomes a pain when they have to test something to meet deadlines. Depending on external teams for testing environment is pain, we transitioned and built an testing team which was capable Of building their own infrastructure, environments for all testing activities and how the entire process was automated based on test team requirements

DevPerfOps – Performance Testing & Engineering in the Devops World

Performance testing in devops is still a pain today with lot of challenges. We automated and built end to end performance testing, integrated to the pipeline with auto monitoring and some level of auto analysis. How auto analysis could be the future and how people need to adopt it. What are some of the challenges, best practices, and future plan where teams have to focus on

Why & how to build your test results data gold mine

We have been trying to push all our testing results data ( unit, integration, performance, security, accessibility and other types ) to a centralized database ( nosql database ), once we do this , various kind of dashboard can be built, various kind of metrics can be radiated across the company and teams, we can start building AI / ML on top of this to do predictive analysis and others. There are lot of avenues once we have these data. Its important companies focus on testing data

Performance testing & engineering on Cloud / AWS

We have been conducting performance testing and engineering on AWS for many years, there are many challenges, best practices, services that we need to leverage to effectively carry out performance testing on AWS. Its an ocean and its takes a lot of effort and fine planning to reap benefits out of cloud and AWS.

Testing Database – How to build the mountain

We have Performance testing database, which is very huge in volume, It took a lot of effort and diligent planning to build this over many years, we continue to build it as our product evolve, We have robust process on how we manage it, maintain it, deploy across multiple environments, replicate this across different environment and needs. This database can be used for variety of testing requirements. It’s important for organizations to build and manage these golden databases.

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