Kunal has Over 12+ years of professional experience in Information Technology, specializing in Software Test project management and Test Automation. Expertise in Software Testing with technical/hands-on experience delivering significant improvements across domains, products and organizations by manual/automated testing of web applications, mobile applications, services and performance testing. 

Currently, associated with CeX Webuy Entertainment as QA Manager – Automation  managing a team of 10 and growing.  

He is an avid trekker, nature lover, marathoner and everyday trying to be a better human being. 

Karate UI and ReportPortal - UI Automation made easy

Karate is the only open-source tool to combine APItest-automation, mocks, performance-testing and even UIautomation into a single, unified framework. The BDD syntax popularized by Cucumber is language-neutral,and easy for even non-programmers. 

Karate UI has its own DSL which is quick to learnand easy to implement. It is W3C compliant from the day itwas built as compared to Selenium which uses the W3C WebDriver from the Selenium 4 release.

Report Portal is a service that provides increased capabilities to speed up results analysis and reporting through the use of built-in analytic features. Report Portal is a great addition to the Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing process. Reference links  - 

  1.  https://github.com/karatelabs/karate/tree/master/karate-core 
  2. https://github.com/reportportal/reportportal 

Workshop Content

  1. Brief Introduction of Karate UI. - 5 mins
  2. Setup of Karate UI using IDE i.e. Eclipse. - 5mins
  3. Hands on lab for developing scripts using Karate DSL. - 15 mins
  4. Script execution and built in report analysis using Karate. - 5 mins
  5. Brief Introduction of ReportPortal -5 mins
  6. Setup and Integration with Karate UI - 4 mins
  7. ReportPortal features and UI walkthrough - 12 mins
  8. Summary - 5mins
  9. Q&A - 5 mins

Lab Requirements

  1. Eclipse IDE
  2. Maven
  3. Chrome browser

Pre-Requisites (For participants if any)

  1. Basic understanding of Automation Testing.
  2. Prior experience on working with any automation tool.