Kunal Ashar


Kunal Ashar

Kunal is working as QA Engineer at Xendit, Singapore with close to 7 years of experience majorly in product-based companies. Kunal is an Automation Enthusiast, Specializes in creating and leveraging Automation Frameworks and providing effective solutions to daily automation challenges.

Believes in designing and creating sustainable automation frameworks for Continuous Integration using the best of the open-source tools and delivering quick execution reports. Over the years, Kunal have helped many engineers within and outside organizations to learn and implement best automation practices.

Kunal writes about testing at https://www.mytestingtrail.com and enjoys reading books and playing Volleyball and Tennis on a regular basis.

Topic: Externalization of Testcase for Quick Delivery

Testcase management plays an important part in determining the success of automation. If we are spending too much time in modifying scripts and selecting test cases to execute after each deployment than we’re adding overhead to execution time and to the product delivery. Externalizing test cases help us control our cases better without touching our code base and it helps us to pre-plan cases that need to be executed based on the bug-fix/ impact areas without modifying our code. It also helps us to analyze our execution results and identifying faulty and flaky cases without human intervention.

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