Kiruthika has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, working as a Developer, Tester, and Tutor. However, testing is what she is passionate about because one gets to experience the best of both worlds, from understanding what the customer really wants in the business world, through to seeing how the magic happens in the tech world. Absolutely love engaging with the communities either via meetups, speaking at conferences, delivering keynotes or getting involved in hands-on testing workshops. A big advocate of Women in Tech and D&I initiatives.

Outside work, Kika loves spending time with her family and enjoys writing short stories.

The Power of Example Mapping!

Who writes the acceptance criteria for your stories- Product owners, Business analysts or the entire team? If the Given-When-Then scenarios are already prewritten and presented to the team, their thought process is curtailed. It might also lead to preconceived ideas and notions. This also tips the responsibility towards a single stakeholder which can prove to be dangerous. What is the alternative then? Discover the power of Example Mapping. 

Example Mapping is a great way to encourage the team to adopt Behaviour Driven Development. The whole practice is about encouraging communication and collaboration between the various stakeholders. It is of prime importance in an agile setup that the Product, Dev and Tester share the same understanding and have equal partnership in the stories/features delivered. Example mapping facilitates these conversations and also goes hand in hand with the shift left approach. In a nutshell, it is a great team activity which results in substantial gains and increase in productivity.  We will find out what is example mapping, how to do it and practise it in an interactive workshop

Workshop Content

  • Initial Presentation for 20mins 
  • Interactive Workshop for 50mins 
  • Wrap up and Questions for 20mins 

Lab Requirements

  • Laptop and internet connection 
  • Miro board  
  • Group participation