Karthikeyan Balasubramanian


Karthikeyan Balasubramanian

Working as Technology Specialist Consultant with 6+ years of experience in Digital Testing Center of Excellence. Have completed Master of technology degree from BITS Pilani with specialization in Data Analytics. Love to travel & innovate more products.

Title - Accessibility testing


Module 1:  More about Accessibility  [50 mins ]                                                               

  1. Understanding various Disabilities
  2. Introduction to Web Accessibility
  3. Laws & regulations on Accessibility
  4. Accessibility is for everyone: A11Y
  5. W3C accessibility Principles, Standards & Checks
  6. Assistive technologies &
  7. adaptive strategies

Module 2: Assistive Technology & Accessibility Testing Tools  [Activity]  [50 mins]                      

  1. Wave
  2. Google Lighthouse
  3. Color Contrast tools
  4. Screen Reading Tools

Module 3:  Building an Inclusive design [Activity]   [50 mins]

Understand more about accessibility standards by

  1. Designing & Developing more accessible HTML page with WAI-ARIA, role attribute.
  2. Test the developed HTML page with Assistive tools.

Module 4: Summary, Q&A     [30 mins]