With a strong academic history, Hitesh has been associated with the test automation industry for over 6 years. He keeps himself updated with the latest tech developments as an enthusiastic learner and implements them into his solutions. He believes in relentless creativity/innovation and is known for his strong cognitive experiences and a can-do attitude amongst his peers. He excels in developing automation solutions and, to name a few, is competent in Selenium, Protractor, Cypress, Appium, API Automation. By developing automation solutions for various testing platforms, including Web Applications, Mobile Applications & APIs, he has put his expertise to work. His solutions are critical, robust, scalable and comply with programming specifications and design patterns for business operations. Hitesh, a self-taught professional, has also earned ISTQB credentials. 

On different platforms, he has exhibited his skill sets and has also managed to secure recognition on them, to name a few, #AutomATAHon2020 & #CTHackathon2020. He is also part of the CP-SAT as a member of the Advisory Committee. Currently employed at Paul Mason Consultancy as a test automation professional, Hitesh is also a trainer and makes a significant contribution to the industry through his consultations.

Harnessing Java's reflective nature to fast-track Cucumber script development

In the traditional world, all of us, including myself, were primarily concerned with minimizing the execution duration of our automation script, yeah? This discussion, however, is not about it. While working on one of the problem statements recently, I ended up developing a solution that designed to reduce the development effort of automation test scripts to be generated. Isn't it

Well, the essential principle that I used to design this was Java's reflection nature. Wait what? You're probably wondering how Java's reflective nature can aid in the design of a solution that
saves development effort.

In this session, we will discuss what java reflection is and how it may be exploited to reduce development efforts in the context of Cucumber script development. Throughout the talk, we will go deep into the problem statement, applicable traditional solutions with their benefits and drawbacks,
designed solutions with their benefits, and finally the concepts, tools, and libraries used, including data

Excited already? Let us all engage in this interactive session towards becoming acquainted
with the magic of Java reflection