Himani Yadav


Himani Yadav

Himani is a Specialist at Viewics with 8+ years of experience in Software Testing and is well versed with traditional and Agile methodologies. She has more than 3 years of experience of handling Test Leadership activities from inception to execution with expertise in test monitoring and control, training and mentoring of team, upstream and downstream reporting of deliverables and tasks.In her current role she is the SME/ domain expert. She is adept in Defects management and reporting.

She strongly believes in “Always trust yourself and your capabilities and never underestimate yourself”

Topic: Conquer the world in 9 hours as a Leader in Testing!

Abstract: Today in the competitive world, a person is expected to be a jack of all trades. This becomes even more crucial as we move up the ladder in our career. Whether he/she is a manager, lead, senior tester.. everyone is expected to be hands on and deliver 100% . When it comes to leaders/managers, the list doesn’t end with Testing. Along with being hands on as a Tester, he/she has to do people management in the team, listen and act upon concerns, collaborate with different stakeholders daily, etc. And that's not all either. Resource Management in terms of acquiring the right set of tools, setting up the test environment, procuring the right hardware, the set of required tools etc. also needs to be done by the lead/manager.

As a leader in testing, one has to continuously experiment and evaluate new ideas in terms of process improvement, team structure, policies, governance etc. Now add the zillion meetings especially in unprecedented times like these with a worldwide pandemic. This coupled with Testing and resource management (people and material) takes a lot of time and effort and it becomes vital for the leader to focus on optimizing the time that's available at hand. Now imagine doing all this in just 9 hours.

This talk focuses on the challenges of leaders in testing and tries to bring to the table solutions which are bigger than just time management. The key takeaways for the audience are
1. Planning and organization
2. Defining Objectivity
3. Eliminating waste to enhance productivity
4. Identifying the right set of tools
5. Optimizing the use of technology
and more...

The session can be attended by all testers, leads, managers, architects and stakeholders.

Tools required for this session will be yourself and your brain.

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