I enjoy burning off some energy before work by completing a programming challenge on a website like Hackerank or Leetcode in the morning. Since my collage days, DS and Algorithms have been a love and a challenge for me, thanks to the excellent culture of DAIICT, where I completed my master’s degree.

I began my job as an automation trainee at HighQ Solutions, a product-based corporation. As part of the transaction team, I am now working as Sr. Automation Test Analyst for PMC to provide reliable and optimal solutions to a variety of clients. I’m happy to say that I’ve been fortunate with fantastic leaders in both of my firms, Gaurang Patel and Kaushal Shah, who have inspired me to develop and explore.

My journey began with API automation, which was followed by Web Automation and Desktop Automation. From automating test cases to designing automation frameworks from the scratch, upgrading and optimising existing automation frameworks, enabling third-party integrations, configuring end-to-end CI-CD pipelines, and having gained some exposure to performance testing, I’ve been motivated to diversify my experience and knowledge.

“Resource Bundle” – Key to enable localization support for any solution


“Localization” is a word that sounds familiar and is often heard. You may have come across or used a platform that is available in many local and international languages, but have you ever thought of automating such a web application or mobile application. Have you ever done testing of a platform that exists in multiple languages for different countries, and faced challenges of maintaining assert messages for them in different languages county-wise? 

The "Resource Bundle" is something that can help us to fix this problem for us. The use of some of the java core concepts such as singleton class, and constants variables makes the solution simple and easy to use. This is approach is general and can be the best fit for any multi-language for API, Web APP, or Mobile Application. 

What are the key areas to keep in mind while implementing such utilities? 

Let's come up together in session to see how the magic of Resource Bundle can resolve the key problem in multi-language platform automation. 

Use case of Resource bundle in Automation
5 minutes
What is Resource bundle
5 minutes
Step by Step implementation
20 minutes
Execution with sample code
10 minutes
Snapshot of resource bundle control flow
5 minutes
5 minutes
50 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A