Arun Narayanaswamy


Arun Narayanaswamy

IT professional with vast experience across technology management, delivery management, building capabilities in Service Delivery, Cloud & Platform Engineering and Support functions.

Significant experience in management and driving change and processes, helping reduce cost and increase efficiencies in green-field and mature projects – with a track record of on time delivery.

Demonstrated ability to plan, build, scale up and transition large global teams along with the ability to lead high performance teams. Delivered projects with distributed teams, vendors and businesses across USA, UK and south/south-east Asia. Delivered complex projects, and owned teams supporting 24×7 and multiple integrated products.

Title:The art of Gamifying FinOps


DevOps and Agile transformation in the age of Cloud is rapidly evolving. Testers used to be gatekeepers of applications going live, but with the advent of FinOps there is potentially another layer of validation that needs to be done. These decisions are driven by the business value of cloud. How does an organization setup the FinOps culture, implement it, validate it and ensure it brings value. FinOps does not just apply for things in production, but for Test Engineering too. Hence this transversal domain needs to be understood and implemented across the organization.

This talk is not just about FinOps, but also about how this can be gamified for easy adoption across all factors of development and testing lifecycle.

By gamifying, teams get incentivised to meet cloud goals beyond their initial commitment. The gamification focuses on activities that were previously distributed across different operational teams, but with the move to cloud this is potentially owned by product and test teams. Examples include terminating unused environments, tagging and releasing unnecessary cloud resources, generating right amount of data for testing and eliminating sync with production and so on.

The results drive the culture and ensures it increases test and development teams’ motivation to learn which in turn drives business goals.

This talk can be attended by Testers, Product Managers, Developers, Management, and Leadership across all levels and in different technology domains.