Arul Murugan Mani


Arul Murugan Mani

I have around 17 years of experience in Software Quality Engineering & Assurance industry. I have spent 70% of my career working closely with strategic customers at their locations and solving their quality challenges. Rest of my career was around building core QA competencies/solutions around futuristic and emerging technologies. I believe in collaborative leadership and delivered tangible transformation outcomes in my customer engagements.

I am an AWS Solution Architect – Professional certified Technology Leader who can architect innovative cloud solutions for customer challenges.

I have strong exposure in all phases of the customer engagement life cycle starting from PreSales, Business Development, Delivery Management, building Competency Centers, Operations and P&L Management for my engagements.

I am a technology leader with hands on expertise in Quality Engineering, Test Automation Architecture, Test Data Engineering, Service Virtualization, API automation and Digital Assurance. I am also a Certified Scrum Master and Project Management Professional with experience in Agile/DevOps enabled engineering teams.

I am passionate about Digital Engineering and constantly developing my skills around Cloud Native Solutions, Micro-services Architecture and Predictive Intelligence.

Title: Continuous Testing with Azure DevOps


The software development cycle today has shrunk from months to a few weeks and even days. Business priorities, customer expectations, and the technology stack keep changing rapidly; hence assuring the best product requires introducing quality gateways at every stage of the SDLC, aligning with the speed of delivery into production. The traditional testing practices are not equipped to deliver this quality with speed. Hence, the advent of Continuous Testing (CT).

In this Experience Lab Session, we will have hands-on session to setup the different quality gates in software Development Life Cycle using Azure Native Services & Opensource Testing Tools. Workshop will have focus on

1. Continuous Testing

2. Azure DevOps Services can be leveraged for Continuous Testing.

Following are synopsis on Experience Lab – Continuous Testing with Azure:

1. Continuous testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain immediate feedback on the business risks associated with a software release. Continuous Testing is a DevOps-aligned practice that enables testing early, testing faster and testing often with higher automation levels.

2. Microsoft Azure DevOps is Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions offered by Microsoft that provides end-to-end solutions for businesses to integrate DevOps procedures during their software cycle. Azure DevOps offer a highly scalable environment for developing and deploying simple to sophisticated software on any language, cloud, or platform. Thus, making it ideal for businesses to leverage any single Azure DevOps Services or to match with high-scale project management and task management requirements.

Following Azure DevOps native services are offered which makes easier for customer to adapt Continuous Testing in Azure:

  • Azure Boards - Track work with configurable Kanban boards, interactive backlogs, and powerful planning tools. Unparalleled traceability and reporting make Boards the perfect home for all your ideas—big and small.

Title: Cloud Native Automation in AWS


Cloud has been at the core of modernization of every industry. It has transformed the way the modern day applications are built, tested, packaged, deployed, release and monitored. The advent of Covid has just added more fuel to this revolutionary fire, accelerating its adoption in various capacities. As the application, architectures increasingly become more distributed and complex, embracing cloud adoption, there is a need to evolve and extend test automation and QA in its Continuous Testing form is there to serve that objective. The expectation would be to replicate and uplift these practices and make them either compatible or execute directly on cloud.


At present the adoption of Cloud in Continuous Testing, by and large, is restricted for test execution. However based on our industry observations, we are convinced that the entire Continuous Testing will soon go cloud native. There is growing trend of leveraging cloud based infra, tools and native services to build entire CT as an extension or integral to overall CI/CD ecosystem. This is the more prominent ask from the customers who has already accepted the hyper-scalers as their primary development and deployment platform.


This workshop will demonstrate with use case and demo application that how the CT with AWS looks like in cloud native format. The experts will provide a guided tour of the use case, pre-defined assets and the playbook by building modules in front of the participants. It will be focused on hands-on experience on end to end execution. One can touch and feel the technology within AWS rather than just reading or hearing about it.