Arpita brings 13 years of professional experience in Software Testing, spanning domains such as Mobile Apps, LTE-3G, Education, E-Commerce, and Cloud applications, with different global leaders in India. In her new role, Arpita continues her career in Germany, working with the futuristic technology of 3D Additive Metal engineering, focused on driving technology in Aerospace and designing Test Automation techniques. Her professional passion includes testing with quality and the role of women in testing. She enjoys working in the latest cutting-edge technologies and future domains, as they provide new learning opportunities and unknown challenges.  

Arpita holds a B.E. degree in Electronics engineering. She has done B.A. holding a diploma in Indian Classical Dance.  

Outside of work, she enjoys sports, traveling, cooking, music, photography and volunteering. She is a people person who loves to interact and meet new people. She was an active member of Youth For Seva (Hyderabad Chapter) till 2019 in India. This Pandemic changed her way of volunteering and made her more aware of the position of women within the testing community. She currently leads the WomenInTesting initiative of The Test Chat Community and has started speaking at Conferences, Volunteering in conferences like EuroStar 2022 and Game Of Testing 2022. The Axiom Summit 2022 conference which spread across all the continents with all women speakers was her idea to bring into reality, and she lead the team and co-chaired to help build this new conference in testing space, with the support of The Test Chat community.