Apoorva Ram


Apoorva Ram

Self-motivated Test Enthusiast with 5+ years of experience, who believes that Software Testing is a Craft. 
4+ years of experience with TCS working in the BFSI domain.
Currently I work with Qapitol QA as a Senior Software Test Engineer where my work involves
Testing Web and Mobile Apps by performing
– Functional, Non-Functional and Exploratory Tests
– Analyzing Requirements using various Testing Mnemonics as per the context
– Building Test strategies using HTSM – Heuristics Test Strategy Model, PCO – Product Coverage Outline and SPM – Systematic Product Modelling models
– Drawing Test ideas from Heuristics
– Using appropriate tools to automate checks
– Preparing well-drafted Test Reports and 
– Advocating for Bugs
Apart from work, I like to talk and read about testing. Checkout bit.ly/testingbasics where we discuss “How to talk about Testing”. 
I try to explore the latest Tools that can help us in Testing and make videos as well on them. Checkout one of the videos here : bit.ly/xmind2021
I also love to participate in Testing Conferences and understand the perspectives of Testers across the Globe.  
A big time fan of Jerry Weinberg, his books, his work, and his approach has played a major role in guiding me to become the tester I am today.
I’m an avid reader who is passionate and curious about anything and everything in life.
When I’m not testing, I love to travel, explore cultures and cuisines, and indulge in deep meaningful conversations.

Title: Common Testing Mistakes –Are we really evolving?

Abstract: The mistakes that we plan to cover in our talk are listed below:

1.Thinking that locating errors can be scheduled.

2.Not considering the time lost to task-switching.

3.Treating testing as a low-priority task that can be interrupted forjust about any reason.

4.Demanding that testers pinpoint every failure.

5.Demanding that testers locate every fault.

6.Repairing without retesting.

7.Ignoring cross-connections.

8.Paying insufficient attention to testability.

9.Insisting that all bugs be "reproducible".

10.Confusing testing with "creating and executing test cases".

11.Demanding process overhaul in your company.

For each of the above-mentioned mistakes, we are planning to cover the common traps, and ignored reality that leads to such traps. We will also share tips on how to avoid these common pitfalls.Understanding these common traps and hidden realities have helped usto avoid many of thecommon testing mistakesand succeed as a professional tester. Wehope that this could help and benefit otherstooin someway.As we were reading themantra for this conference, i.e.“To test better we need to know better”. We feelthat making our community aware of these common testing mistakes would enable our fellow testers to test and grow better.Time Estimate: We feel this presentation could be wrapped up in 30-35 minutes.