Anupam Agarwal


Anupam Agarwal

 I have 11+ years of experience in multiple cloud technologies & various DevOps toolchains. I’m responsible for cloud adoption plans, designing blueprints, architecting new solutions, redesigning existing architecture, governance  & deployments using best practices for various clouds for multiple clients. Also have experience with various scripting/programming languages like shell & python.


Title: Chaos engineering: Break it to make it


Chaos engineering started at Netflix when they publicly said that bringing down production systems helped them to be more resilient.

Some people might be thinking that chaos engineering is simply another way of testing how resilient systems are. And, to a certain extent, that’s true.

Chaos engineering is an emerging discipline of running experiments to get new knowledge from a complex system.

You might think that these experiments sound much like a test case and wonder why you would bother using a different name to test resiliency. Well, test cases make assertions based on existing knowledge from the system. If all tests pass, it means that the system behaves as expected.