Anubha Bagui is Data Science and ML practitioner and Tech-Savy Service Delivery Manager.  

She has led huge teams and brought in Cultural Transformation using Dev-Ops Principles and implementation of SAFe Agile and scrum practices. She Won DevOps Awards – “Most Successful Cultural Transformation of the Year 2022” for the transformation and improvements delivered by her team. 

Anubha has done her master’s (MTech) from IIT, Delhi. She practices Yoga and enjoys dance and nature. She is very fond of her fury friend, Dixie.  

Does Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast?

Transformation is not just about moving applications into the cloud. Transformation also means to change how the people workin the ecosystemand adopt different methodsand technologies. Cross Team Collaboration, Automation, Transparency, Continuous Feedback and Improvements are all part of different attributes that gets changed by adopting AGILE and DevOps Mindset. Big question is Does Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast (Ref: a famous quote from legendary management consultant and writer Peter Drucker). On one hand , a rightcultural transformationwouldbrings tangible benefits like reduction in Time To Market, Shift left in defect lifecycle, less iteration of Test Cycles as defects are detected early in project lifecycle. Also, we get Happy Customer and Highly Motivated team. On the other hand , if culture is unfit in organizationthen it can erode the market value , destroythe organization, unhappy customers and demotivated team. 

Tangible benefits:

  1. 80% reduction in Time to Market for new market onboarding.
  2. Cross vendor Collaboration helped us to achieve Increase in Test Execution rate. 83% TC productivity gain.
  3. Early engagement with design team helped Test team to identify requirements gap early in Test cycle. Shift Left helped to achieve Low cost to resolve defect in early stage.
  4. As no of defects reduced, there was no need to run multiple TEST Cycles to retest defect fixes.

Non- Tangible benefits:

  1. Highly motivated Team
  2. Happy Customer


Test Team successful transformed in less than a year their culture by adopting innovation & transformation to work in Agile teams doing regular iteration review, retrospective, relentlessly working on reducing timeto-market, unattended automation test execution, opening channels and building trust across teams by maintaining clear transparency.