Anju M Dominic


Anju M Dominic

Anju is a well accredited professional corporate trainer and consultant in the field of DevOps . She has conducted over 100+ hands-on workshops across different product and service companies. She is also a trainer/author across various training companies including PluralSight, Coursera, Udacity etc. She is currently the Principal consultant and founder of QuadraLogics, a boutique training/consulting firm. Anju is well known for her contributions to technical articles which includes two books and several whitepapers in the field of software engineering. She is also a regular speaker for many DevOps and Agile conferences.

Topic: Test driving your infrastructure

Abstract: Infrastructure as code has already been a well-established practice in the DevOps community. In this session, we would be exploring how test drives your infrastructure as code. Test first and Test-Driven strategies help in developing modern web infrastructure giving us early feedback. This session would include practical examples that will enable the participants to gain in-depth knowledge of this technique.

Outline/Structure of the Talk
• Case study - Why test your infrastructure?
• What is Infra as code
• Test driving your infrastructure?
• Test first vs Double Loop TDD in the context of Infrastructure as code
• System test vs Unit tests in the context of Infrastructure as code
• An example - Demo driven
• Q & A

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