Anish Murlidharan


Anish Muralidharan

Experienced Scrum Master and Senior Quality Analyst with excellent Domain knowledge in Healthcare and Travel Industry.professional Scrum master and agile coach , his main goal is to work on continuous improvements and scoring positive feedbacks to entrust the true value of Agile.

Title: BREAK THE ENIGMA for Better Customer Experience


The objective of this presentation is mining the test data to achieve better customer experience. Every organization’s dream is to deliver a good quality product. To achieve this, we need to inherit the customer experience.  


The biggest Enigma in our current era is the data. Data is everything and everywhere. Consider the data which is changing dynamically is a nightmare for someone who thinks to deliver the good quality product. Test coverage for the product becomes difficult due to this. 

And this arises certain questions in our minds. Are we missing something? Are we mindful with our use cases? Do we have armful amount of data to cover all the scenarios?  


These questions proclaim to us as THE ENIGMA meaning MYSTERY 


 How do we solve it? 


Collecting a dynamic set of data from the live system, scrutinize, categorize and provide it as a test data would be nice to hear. But you may ask about how to get the huge data segregated into a specific category.  

 The answer is THE IMITATION GAME – Break the Enigma to deliver good quality and stable product with better customer experience.