Anish Muralidharan


Anish Muralidharan

Anish is an experienced Scrum Master and Senior Quality Analyst with excellent Domain knowledge in Healthcare and Travel Industry. He takes Pride in providing the best quality product with utmost customer satisfaction. As a professional Scrum master, his main goal is to work on continuous improvements and scoring positive feedback to entrust the true value of Agile. When he is not keeping busy with work, you can find him as a volunteer who makes an impact by Educating children at Orphanage homes.

Topic: Joan’s Rainbow Cake – Descriptive Agile testing with Customer Experience

Abstract: The objective of this presentation is to focus on product quality with respect to customer experience achieved by component team vs. feature team. – the 2 sides of Agile.

Currently, most organisation rely on component team where each team acts as an individual element to ensure on-time delivery with/without analysing the customer priorities. Despite being product manager, many a times he/she is unable to relate back to the customer by where they are standing with respect to delivery. To bridge this gap & ensure customer satisfactory, it’s time we relook in to building a versatile team that improvise the quality of product– we name it “Feature team”.

How do we achieve this?
Every organization dream is to build a team with effective skill sets to handle any customer requirement. To achieve this, we need to follow some ground rules. Starting from proper communication between each component team is a win-win solution. This means collaborating with the component teams inside a feature team and define the definition of Done which anticipate the PSI (Potential Shippable Increment) in each release. Global Quality of the Potential Shippable Increment feature involves end to end testing with customer experience and integration testing. As a “Feature agile team”, we focus on regression testing to ensure quality & stability of the product with continuous feedbacks.

Joan’s Rainbow cake has all these essential flavours as layers in just one slice to bon appetite the wellness of the product.

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