Overall 18+ yrs Exp in Software Testing. Worked on Various Testing Tools and Frameworks. Currently working with Testrig Technologies as QA Head. Building capabilities in Test Automation, Testing Practices and processes for the Organization. Worked on testing Various Products, Domains, Technologies Started Testing products From Mainframes to Microservices to Mobile. Worked with various QA team across the globe from US,UK,Israel,France etc. Build various Continuous testing frameworks for Build pipelines for Web, API, Performance and Security testing. Exposure to various Azure, AWS and Google cloud Application. Has previously worked in organization like CSC, UHG, Fiserv, TechM, Capita, Thoughtworks.


Karate - Simple and Unified Test Automation for BDD

As most of the Organization are moving towards BDD there was need of Simple easy test automation

Karate an Open source framework developed by Karatelabs has made Test Automation simple and unified for both API testing and UI Automation using Gherkins. In addition, it also supports mocks, performance testing, and Mobile test Automation with other inbuilt features 

Overview on Karate framework: 5 minutes

  • Features in Karate Framework
  • Using Gherkins Scripts for API and UI Test Automation

Intro to Karate UI Test framework:

  • Setting up
  • Framework Setup - 5minutes
  • Other Required Configuration- 5 minutes

Creating a Test Scripts

  • Creating Feature Files- 5 min
  • Locator (standard locator, Wildcard Locators, Friendly Locators)- 5 min
  • Other Features like Iframes, Wait, File Upload - 5 min

Running Tests and Reports - 5 min

Parallel Test Execution-5 min

Lab Requirements

  1. Java
  2. Maven
  3. VS Code


  1. Awareness of Java, Maven, Gherkin
  2. Basics of webdriver , locators etc
  3. Should have understanding on BDD and UI Automatio