Abhijit Apte


Abhijit Apte

Title : Web view of Automation Executionusing Docker in DevOps 

Abstract : 

Problem Statement: 

Adoption rate of docker, for executing functional automation, is increased over the period of time. This approach is helpful when you have large test bed and want to execute test in parallel mode. Problem arises when you have to troubleshoot/ or watch live test execution. Despite the fact that there are solutions like Zalenium, Selenoid which help you resolve this problem for smaller number of tests yet, when we execute large number of Regression test beds in CI/CD pipeline (test case count > 1000), it’s difficult to identify exact execution node through build description/logs on which tests are being executed or live view of selective test cases per build. In CI Tools sets like Jenkins’s selenium execution grid nodes are not categories as per builds or jobs defined. Debugging flaky test cases and finding root cause of failure becomes difficult and time-consuming tasks for such environment. Developer has to relay on the generated logs and screen capture or trying to reproduce failure through local execution.

Solution:Solution:A Problem can be solved by a simple Web Interface that displays Jenkins’s build -wise execution along with drill down view as per the Class/Methods execution. It provides live -preview where you can see testcase execution on a single browser.