Post conference workshops are happening on 28th september 2018.
Tickets to the Post conference workshop have to be bought seperately.
Details are as below

Also known as Serious Games, High collaboration frameworks are tools and techniques for value added participative collaboration. They are very powerful and effective because they allow people and teams to some of their usual work activities with higher quality, detail and value than that resulting from the usual way of doing them. The repertoire includes frameworks for strategy, for tactics and for operations.

Who should attend: Engineering Managers, IT Managers, Business analysts, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Tech Leads and Technical Professionals.

Prerequisites: None

  • Your own computer or tablet so that we do some of the HCFs with an electronic tool
  • Lots of energy and enthusiasm
  • Comfortable clothing since you will be moving around the training room
  • Be capable of doing value added work in true collaboration
  • Get better quality results out of the value added work
  • Involve the necessary stakeholders effectively to get more value out of the work activities
Date: 23th September 2018
Venue : Bengaluru
Duration 1 day – 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM (IST)
Early Bird – Rs. 9,000/-
Regular – Rs. 18,000/-
combo with conference early bird – Rs. 12,000/-
combo regular with conference – Rs. 21,000/-
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Masa K Meada